EmailSendService is a cloud-based email provider that allows you to send email without having to maintain email servers. EmailSendService manages all of the technical details, from scaling the infrastructure to ISP outreach and reputation monitoring to whitelist services and real time analytics.

Who is EmailSendService for?
For Developers

For developers, it’s super easy to get started. To send email through EmailSendService from your code, just use our C# library or call the REST service and include the credentials for your EmailSendService account, and you’re done. If you’re not already sending email from your app, we have a variety of integration options for you.

Once you’ve got email sending squared away, check out some of the other awesome things you can do with our APIs and apps.

For Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing campaigns feature lets you compose and send email campaigns. We provide delivery scheduling, A/B split testing, email analytics, dynamic list segmentation and a robust Marketing Campaigns API if you want to integrate any of these features into your own application.